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May 4th - Packet 2 Drop-off and Packet 3 Pick Up

Good Afternoon KISD Parents,

Greetings….We hope you are staying safe and well!

A quick reminder about MONDAY, MAY 4th.

From our last big communication regarding At-Home Learning activities, that was posted April 22nd and under UPDATE #2, we shared MAY 4 as the next date for “drop-off/ pick-up.”

Please see the steps below for Monday, May 4th.

  • At-Home Learning Log and any /all evidence collected verifying the work was completed by our students for April 6-May 1st is due Monday, May 4th
  • Just as we did last time, please bring a pen/pencil with you and go to the home campus of your child/children and drop off the “initialed logs” and evidence
  • Time for Drop Off and Pick-Up on Monday at each Campus-10:00 AM-2:00 PM and 3:00 PM-6:30 PM
  • Just as last time, you will be directed to get an envelope provided and write your child’s last name/first name / grade on the envelope
  • You will proceed to the next stop to “drop” the envelope in the container provided
  • Next, you will stop and get out of your vehicle and “pick-up” the final At-Home Activity Log dated MAY 4-MAY 22nd
  • Lastly, Library Books, that your child checked out from the campus library (not the ones donated to students in the first packet) are due Monday.
  • You will see a “bin/tub” labeled LIBRARY BOOKS and thank you for dropping those off
  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 20th is a BIG DAY! This is the day our LAST AT-HOME LEARNING LOG and EVIDENCE are due back to the campus where your child attends school. Please mark that date.

Also, on Wednesday, May 20th, students will have the opportunity in a drive-thru event (Location TBD), when turning in the final at home learning logs, to VOTE for their favorite ANTI-LITTERING Poster.

Thank you to the students who participated, GREAT JOB!

We have also included a really neat opportunity for our students to participate in a COVID-19 TIME CAPSULE Activity with their family and please see that information in the packet and send us photos!

Our READ-A-THON is our last reminder to our students and families. Please keep reading at home and logging that information as we will announce soon how students will be acknowledged/rewarded!

Parents, you have done an AMAZING JOB and we cannot thank you enough for the difference you are making during our CLOSURE.


We are here to support and help every step of the way.



KISD Administrators

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