Kemp Independent School District

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Strategic Plan

Kemp Independent School District Strategic Plan

2009 - 2010


Developed by Team of 8
November 2009

We Believe:

  • The community entrusts us to make decisions that are best for students
  • All stakeholders are valued for whom they are and what they bring to the community
  • People want to learn and perform well
  • Proper and positive motivation leads to positive self-esteem and ultimately to student success
  • Students are our most important asset
  • Technological proficiencies are essential for success
  • Facilities have a vital impact on performance
  • Rigorous endeavors, structure, and respect are essential for success.



Developed by Team of 8
November 2009

Creating success in our students, our community, and our world


Developed by Strategic Planning Team
January, 2010

Kemp Independent School District will provide innovative educational opportunities so students achieve their potential.