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Career Planning / CTE Pathways

US Department of Labor: Career One Stop Shop
Career planning is the process of discovering educational, training and professional opportunities that suit your interest, passions and goals. In high school it can seem far away, but it is best to plan for your future starting freshman year. The US Department of Labor has many online resources that can help you discover your interests and connect them to a real world career. You can also go talk to your counselor and they will help guide you.
Texas Career Check - Explore Careers
Here at Kemp High School students are encouraged to plan for their future and set goals to help them achieve the best future possible. Courses are set up into endorsements which allow students to work towards their career paths through challenging courses specified to each path. At graduation, most students will have worked towards a career path through these endorsements and will have a better understanding of their career path and may even have experience going into their chosen career.