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Background: Reading is my passion. Ever since I was a child, I remember sitting down with my parents and travelling through desert planets like Dune, across the mystical worlds of Tolkien, and into the depths at the center of Earth. Books are a road, and we are the travelers. I am about to enter my seventh year of teaching at the amazing Kemp Intermediate (I know...I'm getting old). Since I first started, I have been determined to share stories that will touch, inspire, and change the lives of young men and women. For those interested, I am a TVCC/Texas A&M Commerce graduate, and I plan to keep teaching as long as I am able!
Message: I'm going to paraphrase this fairly badly, but there is an old Chinese proverb that goes something like this:
"The first step to wisdom is knowing you have something new to learn."
I just think this statement is incredibly true. Learning isn't something we stop when we leave school, and it shouldn't be something we dread. In my classroom, learning is going to be embraced and encouraged so that students have the opportunity, drive, and willingness to dive in head first. It is only in this way these young men and women are going to reach their full potential as citizens of this changing world.