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My name is Tiffany Cox. I grew up in Kemp and graduated from Kemp. I have been married to Casey Cox for 5 years, who also grew up and graduated from Kemp.  We have two children together.  Our daughter, Carsyn, will be starting Pre-K this year at Kemp Primary School.  Our other daughter, Taytum, will be 1 in August. I have a Bachelor of Science in Networking Communication Management from DeVry University in Irving, TX.  I also have a Master of Education Degree in Educational Leadership from Stephen F. Austin University.  I was a classroom teacher for 8 years and a UIL Academic Coordinator. Before serving as a classroom teacher, I was a Special Education Aide at Kemp Intermediate School.  I will be entering into my first year of administration at Kemp Jr. High this coming school year. I am excited to be back at Kemp and proud to be a Yellow Jacket once again!


My Educational Philosophy:


I believe in our children...

I believe that every child has the potential for greatness and can create something remarkable for themselves and the world around them. I will help these students to try and achieve that goal by believing in them and making sure they have the necessary tools to do so. I believe that my actions and decisions as an administrator/teacher/individual can help to assist our future leaders in achieving their most sought after dreams.


Teach them well and let them lead the way to greatness...

My role as an administrator is to give my teachers the tools in which they need to help our students live an academically fulfilling life. I will help foster learning with students and staff so that we together can show our students their potential for greatness and see where they will lead us. We can learn just as much from our students as they learn from our teachers. My goal is for our students to learn how to fish so they are able to feed themselves for a lifetime.


Classroom environment….

I want our students to know from the moment they walk in our doors how much I and their teachers care for them. All of my students will know how bright and how much potential I think they possess. They will understand that I care for them like I do my own child. I will be giving them the tools they need in order to be successful in life, to achieve greatness at the highest level. I will hold all students to high expectations for behavior and academic’s every day. They will meet those expectations whether they realize it or not.



Communication is key to any relationship, and partnering in your child's education is vital to their success!