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KAP Library

KAP Library

kap library

Students in both the Kemp Academy and DAEP programs have access to a quickly growing library. These programs value the power of reading for pleasure and extended periods of time. It is a part of the daily schedule on this campus.


If you would like to recommend books for the KAP library, please take a moment to fill out this form. We will do our best to purchase recommended books that are appropriate for our students.




Digital Resources:


To access amazing digital resources for all of your inquiry needs, please click here: TexQuest Resources. You will have to choose Kemp ISD from the dropdown menu. Ask your librarian for the password.


Think of these resources as an extension of our library. Users find things such as books, newspapers, magazine articles, biographies, book reviews, country reports, images, encyclopedias, videos and more. The best part is: ALL of these resources are accurate, reliable, safe, current, validated, copyright-clear and organized.